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Q: Can I come and see you perform at an event similar to mine?
A: This is DEFINITELY the most asked question.  Unfortunately, this is just not a possibility.  There are several reasons for this: 1. These are private events and it’s not OUR party to invite others to.  2. There’s never a safe way to estimate what will be happening during the time of your visit.  For example, if you visited during dinner, or a video montage, there would be no way for you to accurately assess our level of performance.  3. With the demos provided on our website, as well as our referrals and personal meetings with you, we will be able to paint an accurate picture of what we’re all about.
Q: What is required to reserve the date of my event?
A: A signed contract along with a 50%, non-refundable deposit.
Q: Do you have any lists or ideas of possible vendors or themes for my event?
A: We have an infinite source of ideas and vendors.  If you have a vision, we can get you there.  If you need help with the vision, we can offer our expertise.
Q: Once my date is booked, when should we meet to finalize everything?
A: Two weeks prior to your event is more than enough time to finalize call times, timelines, music choices, ETC...  But, as an ETC. client, you’re free to call us at ANYTIME with questions or concerns.
Q: Where should we meet?
A: We have no problem meeting at your home to make things more convenient for you.  We’d just ask that if you happen to have pets, it would be greatly appreciated if you’d kindly keep them in a separate room so that there are no distractions.  
Q: Do you interact with the guests?
A: Certainly.  When called for, we’re right out there with the guests, interacting and making their experience as memorable as possible.
Q: What giveaways would you recommend for my party?
A: Every party is unique and any giveaway that ties into your theme is best.  Of course, there are great giveaways that work with ANY theme.   Anything that lights up seems to be a hit; Neon Necklaces, Blinky Rings & Blinky Magnets.  We will gladly help you with ideas.  
Q: Do you have a list or catalog of your music library?
A: Our library consists of over 15,000 songs and it continues to grow daily.  We’ve got everything from Big Band to Salsa, Classic Rock to Hip Hop, and EVERYTHING in between.  Providing a list of these songs would be extremely time consuming for you to comb through.  Trust that you’re hiring a DJ COMPANY with years of experience and our job is to read the crowd and make the appropriate music choices to keep the party rockin’.  We’re certainly open to requests, so don’t be shy...
Frequently Asked Questions